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Anderson Erikson

As known as

Anders, Anderps, Andrew



Anders Erikson AKA AnderZEL is a swedish commentator who plays alot of Minecraft and FPS titles such as Battlefield, COD and Counter Strike: Global Offensive. AnderZEL is one of the members of Team DnA which consists of DocM77 and Himself respectively. 


AnderZEL has a few minecraft series going on such as Mindcrack season 4, Mindcraft FTB and Pixelmon in the PixelLeague server. He also play some minecraft Minigames with his friend DocM77 in the Hypixel and TheHive servers.


In the year 2012, he was invited to the Mindcrack server by Guude through association with VintageBeef (who won the second contest to join the Mindcrack server). He is known as the "Mad Swedish Viking" or "Crazy Viking Man" in the Mindcrack server because of the fact that he is a Swede and he watched alot of Vikings in the History Channel. Anderzel joined in the 3rd session of Mindcrack as the first season was Guude's singleplayer minecraft let's play.