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Treetho, Ethoslab, Sneaky Ninja, Beetho (first modded mindcrack series)


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Etho has had a long history when it comes to playing Minecraft, having a Let's play that still continues today.

He is one of the three members of 'Team Canada' alongside PauseUnpause and VintageBeef. His channel on YouTube is Ethoslab. Etho has the most subscribers. He is very proficient with redstone. He currently has four main let's plays, which are his single player world, his modded let's play, ARK survival, and his Terafirmacraft Let's play. He was one of the main contributors to the Mindcrack Server. Also he does not like Onions, he hates the fact that everybody adds them to everything and he finds them really overpowering.

It is believed that Etho was born in 1990, given when talking about Blizzard games with Zisteau he said "Diablo was before my time." Diablo came out 1996, 19 years ago. Etho was most likely too young to really play it. Etho was part of a gardening company that was family run, so he most likely started YouTube when he was 18-20, making him around 27 years old as of 2016.


His channel was started on the 23rd of September in 2008, so far he has over 1.8 million subscribers and over 350 million video views, his most popular video series is his Mindcrack Vanilla series. Followed by his Single player Let's Play. Learn more about Etho In General Here.

Life on The Mindcrack ServerEdit

Etho is well known in the Mindcrack community, he is an easy going man who gets on well with the other people on the Mindcrack server. He is known to be the wrong person to get into a prank war with as he was part of the mushroom prank on Guude, one of the worst pranks on the server. He is part of Team Canada with PauseUnpause and VintageBeef, who are known for several pranks such as the paintings prank, and the Mhykol name tag. Etho is known to be a very good PvP competitor on the server, and has setup The Deaths Games 2.0 on the current world. He also knows a great deal about redstone. Etho is a very dedicated member of the server as seen by his many good deeds such as the construction of the Season 4 Nether Hub or the New World's nether tunnel. Etho isn't active member of mindcrack, because it feels for him singleplayer, because of lownumber of active players. He stated in a Modded Minecraft Let's Play episode that he left the Mindrcrack server when he didn't feel comfortable getting involved in the new legal aspects of things. Now he has joined the HermitCraft Server.