This is a list of frequently asked questions about MindCrack and its members.

What are the members' names? Edit

adlingtont: Thomas
AnderZEL: Anders
Arkas: Tijmen
Aureylian: Erin
AvidyaZEN: Rob
Coestar: Justin
Docm77: Steffen
Guude: Jason
JSano: Jeff
kurtjmac: Kurt
MCGamer: Matthew
Mhykol: Mike
Millbee: Maxwell
Nebris: Christopher
Pakratt0013: Brian
paulsoaresjr: Paul
PauseUnpause: Alex
Pyrao: Paul
SethBling: Seth
Sevadus: Matthew
VintageBeef: Daniel
W92Baj: Martin
Zisteau: Tyler

Where do the members live? Edit

adlingtont: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
AnderZEL: Östersund, Jämtland, Sweden
Arkas: Netherlands
AvidyaZEN: Tuscon, Arizona, United States
BlameTC: Texas, United States
Docm77: Karlsruhe, Baden-Württemberg, Germany
Guude: North Carolina, United States
jsano: Washington, DC, United States
kurtmac: Chicago, Illinois, United States
mcgamer: Meadville, Pennsylvania, United States
Mhykol: Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
Millbee: Wales
Nebris: Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Pakratt0013: New York, New York, United States
paulsoaresjr: Rhode Island, United States
PauseUnpause: Duncan, British Colombia, Canada
Pyro_0: Belfast, Northern Ireland
SethBling: Seattle, Washington, United States
thejims: Layton, Utah, United States
Vechs: South Carolina, United States
VintageBeef: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
W92Baj: Leeds, West Yorkshire, England
Zisteau: United States

When are the members' birthdays? Edit

adlingtont: 31 October 1991
AnderZEL: 13 January 1988
Arkas: 31 January 1994
AvidyaZEN: 23 March 1973
BlameTC: 6 December 1980
Docm77: 5 July 1977
Guude: 28 January 1981
jsano: 6 October 1981
kurtmac: 12 June 1982
mcgamer: 3 August 1993
Mhykol: 19 April 1982
Millbee: 24 February 1990
Nebris: 11 December 1987
Pakratt0013: 10 April 1979
paulsoaresjr: 1 June 1966
PauseUnpause: 24 April 1988
Pyro_0: 21 May 1993
SethBling: 3 April 1987
thejims: 5 February 1982
VintageBeef: 26 August 1981
W92Baj: 9 May 1973
Zisteau: 4 December 1978

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