Pennsylvania, United States


Matthew J Moffitt


MC is known around the server for his love for lapis, a love which started out as a joke back in his first Minecraft series 'MCvsMC' when he overeacted to the large amount of it from a caving trip.

MC's Minecraft skin is of Giovanni, a character (villain) from the game/anime series Pokemon

While many think the 'MC' in his name stands for Minecraft or Mindcrack they are far from correct. MC's username stands for 'MattCutterGamer' but is shortened to just 'MCGamer'. The name originated from a time where he (Matt) and his friend Cutter wanted to do a gaming show on youtube together, MC has kept the name ever since.

UHC Season 6Edit

In his firstever UHC MC was able to make it into the final two remaining players where he and another UHC newcomer, AnderZEL battled it out (after a few difficulties). On his side MC had a three of dogs as well as an unexpected flint and steel. During the battle MC set Anderz on fire, forcing him into the water where he was shot by a skeleton and attacked by the dogs. While his opponent was in the water MC struck; though it was his iron sword against Anderz's diamond, MC came out the victor of the two.

In his joy MC jumped up and down on a lapis block and not long after was slain by Pause during the aftergame talk.

Outside MinecraftEdit

Outside of Minecraft MC is a Nintendo LPer and is well known for Zeldathon, a marathon he and his friends play Legend of Zelda games every summer and winter to raise money for charity.