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SethBling is a Minecraft Youtuber who is famous for his Redstone creations. He joined as an honorary member on April 1st 2013. He was revealed to be a full member on October 5th 2013. He was New Mindcracker, as many had speculated. His first creation was the One-Click Farm. He also is the proud owner of BlingMart a shop that looks like a gumball machine. He made the rock em sock em robots near his base and used it to lure Etho and kill him since he was in the Death Games. SethBling has aslo participated in 4 UHCs (Ultra Hardcore). UHC season 9, where he was slain by the ender dragon, UHC season 12, Where he (along with BlameTheController) won the competition, UHC season 13, where in he won with OldManWillakers, and UHC season 14, where he was slain by AvidvaZen . In UHC season 9 his team was "Fairly Hardcore" which consisted of Seth, Avidya, Mykol, and BlameTC, in UHC season 12 his team was "Team Red Shirt" (an omage of Star Trek) which consisted of Seth and BlameTC, in UHC season 13 his team was "OldBdouble0-Ratt-Bling" which consisted of Seth, OldManWillakers, BdoubleO100, and Packratt13.

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