Mindcrack's Ultra Hardcore (or UHC) events are pre-planned events in which a number of the members, and occasionally guests, would attempt to survive conflict each other and the environment. For the first two seasons, the goal was to slay the Ender Dragon. Once this was achieved, a PVP aspect was introduced into the event, which has remained the focus of it since.

Every member of the Mindcrack server has competed in an Ultra Hardcore.

After an amount of time has passed in one of the PVP series, all players usually go to areas close to the (0,0) coordinates of the overworld.

The UHC Mod and Mumble Plugin Edit

Initially, the series used a mod to disable natural health regeneration and to alter the crafting recipe of golden apples. The mod would:

  • Prevent natural health regeneration through hunger. The only means to regenerate were golden apples and health or regeneration potions.
  • Change the crafting recipe for golden apples to require gold ingots instead of gold nuggets.
  • Change the crafting recipe for glistening watermelons to require gold blocks instead of gold ingots.
  • Make regeneration potions only obtainable with gold blocks.
  • Make ghasts drop gold instead of ghast tears.

This remained in use until the /gamerule naturalRegeneration command was introduced into vanilla Minecraft, which was used from Season 12 onward. The recipes for golden apples were also changed in vanilla Minecraft to that of those used in the mod, rendering the mod mostly obsolete.

A plugin for the server was also introduced and used in Seasons 14 and 19. Called the Mumble plugin, it added directional audio, meaning that participants would sound as if they were in the direction they actually were in the game when they speak. It also made participants voices quieter the further away they were to each other.

Season 1: Kill the Ender Dragon as a Team Edit

The first season saw Team Nancy Drew attempt to slay the Ender Dragon. This season ended in a failure; VintageBeef decided to continue after the deaths of W92Baj, Guude, and finally PauseUnpause, leaving him as the only survivor.

Participants: Edit

  1. Guude
  2. PauseUnpause
  3. VintageBeef
  4. W92Baj

Deaths: Edit

Player Status Episode
W92Baj Slain by a Zombie 3
Guude Burned to death after being

shot by a Ghast

PauseUnpause Shot by a Skeleton 5
VintageBeef Did Not Finish 5

It could be argued that the Ender Dragon won this season.

Season 2: Kill the Ender Dragon as a Team Edit

The second season saw the return of Team Nancy Drew and their attempt to slay the Ender Dragon. Although W92Baj died, the team was victorious in their goal.

Participants Edit

  1. W92Baj
  2. VintageBeef
  3. Guude
  4. PauseUnpause

Deaths: Edit

Player Status Episode Ranking
W92Baj Burned to death after being

shot by a Blaze

Guude Winner 14
PauseUnPause Winner 14
VintageBeef Winner 14

Season 3: Eight Person Free-For-All Edit

With the goal of Season 2 achieved, the third season introduced a PVP aspect to the event: the final person remaining would win.

Participants Edit

  1. BdoubleO100
  2. Docm77
  3. Etho
  4. Guude
  5. kurtmac
  6. PauseUnpause
  7. VintageBeef
  8. W92Baj

Deaths: Edit

Player Status Episode Ranking
BdoubleO100 Blown up by a Creeper 3
Etho Doomed to fall by PauseUnpause 3
PauseUnpause Slain by kurtmac's Wolf 3
Docm77 Slain by a Spider 5
W92Baj Slain by a Zombie 6
VintageBeef Shot by a Skeleton 6
kurtmac Blown up by a Creeper 6
Guude Winner 6

Guude survived and was victorious this season.

Season 4a: Two Teams of Four, Kill the Other Team or Complete the Victory Monument Edit

Participants Edit


  1. BdoubleO100
  2. Docm77
  3. Etho
  4. kurtmac

II. Team Nancy Drew

  1. Guude
  2. PauseUnpause
  3. VintageBeef
  4. W92Baj

Deaths Edit

  • VintageBeef was slain by an Enderman in Episode 1
  • W92Baj was shot by a Skeleton in Episode 2
  • BdoubleO100 was shot by PauseUnpause in Episode 3
  • kurtmac was slain by Guude in Episode 3
  • PauseUnpause was slain by Docm77 in Episode 3
  • Docm77 was slain by Guude in Episode 3
  • Guude was shot by Etho in Episode 3

Etho survived, causing Team DOOKE to be victorious.

Season 4b: Rematch Edit

Season 4b was the rematch of Season 4, with the same participants and teams, but without the victory monument.

Deaths: Edit

  1. PauseUnpause [Team Nancy Drew] fell into Lava in Episode 3
  2. W92Baj [Team Nancy Drew] was shot by a Skeleton in Episode 3
  3. kurtmac [Team DOOKE] was slain by Guude's Wolf [Team Nancy Drew] in Episode 3
  4. Etho [Team DOOKE] was shot by VintageBeef [Team Nancy Drew] in Episode 3
  5. VintageBeef [Team Nancy Drew] was slain by BdoubleO100 [Team DOOKE] in Episode 3
  6. Docm77 [Team DOOKE] was slain by Guude [Team Nancy Drew] in Episode 3
  7. BdoubleO100 [Team DOOKE] slain by Guude's Wolf [Team Nancy Drew] in Episode 3 - Team DOOKE Eliminated

Guude survived, causing Team Nancy Drew to be victorious.

Season 5: Twelve Person Free-For-All Edit

Participants Edit

  1. BdoubleO100
  2. Docm77
  3. Etho
  4. Guude
  5. just_defy
  6. kurtmac
  7. Nebris
  8. Pakratt0013
  9. PauseUnpause
  10. VintageBeef
  11. W92Baj
  12. Zisteau

Deaths Edit

  1. Pakratt0013 was slain by Docm77
  2. Zisteau was slain by Guude
  3. just_defy was shot by a Skeleton
  4. kurtmac hit the ground too hard (Fall Damage Glitch)
  5. Docm77 was slain by Etho
  6. Guude was fireballed by a Ghast
  7. BdoubleO100 was shot by PauseUnpause
  8. W92Baj was blown up by a Creeper
  9. Nebris was shot by PauseUnpause
  10. VintageBeef was shot by Etho
  11. Etho was slain by PauseUnpause

PauseUnpause was the winner.

Season 6: Thirteen Person Free-For-All Edit

Participants Edit

  1. AnderZEL
  2. BdoubleO100
  3. Etho
  4. Guude
  5. just_defy
  6. kurtmac
  7. mcgamer
  8. Nebris
  9. Pakratt0013
  10. PauseUnpause
  11. VintageBeef
  12. W92Baj
  13. Zisteau

Deaths Edit

  1. just_defy (killed by a spider glitch when he relogged to get rid of an XP ball spinning over his head)
  2. Guude (shot by BdoubleO100)
  3. VintageBeef (slain by Etho while battling Nebris)
  4. Pakratt0013 (shot by AnderZEL)
  5. Etho (slain by PauseUnpause)
  6. W92Baj (slain by a Cave Spider)
  7. Bdouble0100 (slain by PauseUnpause's Wolf)
  8. PauseUnpause (slain by Nebris)
  9. Nebris (slain by PauseUnpause)
  10. Zisteau (shot by kurtmac)
  11. kurtmac (died to fall damage because of his wolf)
  12. AnderZEL (slain by mcgamer)

MCGamer won the season.

Season 7: Seven Teams of Two Edit

Participants Edit

  1. AnderZEL and Docm77 (Team DnA)
  2. VintageBeef and PauseUnpause (Team Canada)
  3. just_defy and Nebris (Team Justis)
  4. Bdouble0100 and Guude (OOG)
  5. mcgamer and Pakratt0013 (Team Diamond Shovel)
  6. kurtmac and Zisteau (Team Single Malt Scotch)
  7. W92Baj and Pyro_0 (Team UK)

Deaths Edit

  1. VintageBeef of Canada (slain by AnderZEL)
  2. AnderZEL of DnA (slain by PauseUnpause)
  3. Docm77 of DnA (shot by PauseUnpause) (DnA ELIMINATED)
  4. Pakratt0013 of Diamond Shovel (shot by Nebris)
  5. mcgamer of Diamond Shovel (shot by Nebris) (Diamond Shovel ELIMINATED)
  6. Zisteau of Single Malt Scotch (slain by a Zombie)
  7. Guude of OOG (shot by a Skeleton)
  8. PauseUnpause of Canada (slain by BdoubleO100) (Canada ELIMINATED)
  9. BdoubleO100 of OOG (burned to death by PauseUnpause's Fire Aspect sword) (OOG ELIMINATED)
  10. kurtmac of Single Malt Scotch (slain by Nebris' Wolf) (Single Malt Scotch ELIMINATED)
  11. Pyro_0 of UK (slain by Nebris' Wolf)
  12. W92Baj of UK (shot by Nebris) (UK ELIMINATED)

just_defy and Nebris survived, so Justis won.

Season 8: Fifteen Person Free-For-All Edit

Participants Edit

  1. adlington
  2. BdoubleO100
  3. Docm77
  4. Etho
  5. generikb
  6. Guude
  7. kurtmac
  8. mcgamer
  9. Mhykol
  10. Millbee
  11. Nebris
  12. Pakratt0013
  13. Pyro_0
  14. VintageBeef
  15. W92Baj

Deaths Edit

  1. Bdouble0100 (slain by Nebris)
  2. Guude (slain by adlingtont)
  3. W92Baj (shot by a Skeleton)
  4. adlingtont (slain by a Zombie)
  5. Millbee (shot by a Skeleton)
  6. generikb (shot by a Skeleton)
  7. Mhykol (slain by mcgamer)
  8. Docm77 (suffocated by a 1.3 water glitch)
  9. kurtmac (died to fall damage by Etho)
  10. Nebris (shot by Etho)
  11. Pyro_0 (slain by Etho)
  12. VintageBeef (shot by Etho after he killed Pyro_0)
  13. mcgamer (shot by Etho)
  14. Pakratt0013 (shot by Etho)
  15. Etho (winner)

Season 9: First to Slay the Ender Dragon (Five Teams of Four) Edit

Teams Edit

  1. CobbleHATERz (Pakratt0013, Nebris, mcgamer & paulsoaresjr)
  2. Potty Mouth (generikb, Pyro_0, AnderZEL & Millbee)
  3. DOOKE (Etho, Docm77, BdoubleO100 & kurtmac) 
  4. Fairly Hardcore (SethBling, BlameTC, Avidya & Mhykol)
  5. Team Nancy Drew (Guude, PauseUnpause, W92Baj & VintageBeef)

In order to win their team had to get the last shot on the Ender Dragon, as a throwback to the one year anniversary of Season 1.

Deaths: Edit

  1. Pakratt0013 of CobbleHATERz (fireballed by a Blaze)
  2. Nebris of CobbleHATERz (burned to death)
  3. Millbee of Potty Mouth (fell off a one-block-wide bridge and died of fall damage)
  4. mcgamer of CobbleHATERz (shot by W92Baj)
  5. Docm77 of DOOKE (slain by a Zombie Pigman after someone accidentally hit it while fighting with a Ghast)
  6. SethBling of Fairly Hardcore (slain by the Ender Dragon)
  7. BlameTC of Fairly Hardcore (slain by the Ender Dragon)
  8. Mhykol of Fairly Hardcore (slain by the Ender Dragon)
  9. Avidya of Fairly Hardcore (slain by the Ender Dragon) (Team Fairly Hardcore ELIMINATED)
  10. paulsoaresjr of CobbleHATERz (slain by the Ender Dragon) (Team CobbleHATERz ELIMINATED)
  11. Ender Dragon (shot by Team Nancy Drew)

Team Nancy Drew killed the dragon, so they won the season.

Season 10: Seven Teams of Three Edit

Teams Edit

  1. M.A.N. (Millbee, AnderZEL & Nebris)
  2. Sobriety (Avidya, Mhykol & kurtmac)
  3. Blame the Generik Beef (BlameTC, generikb & VintageBeef)
  4. Uppercat (BdoubleO100, Docm77 & Zisteau)
  5. Guude BJ (Guude, jsano19 & W92Baj)
  6. PEP (paulsoaresjr, Etho & Pakratt0013)
  7. PIMP (PauseUnpause, mcgamer & Pyro_0)

Team PIMP won, Pyro and MC Gamer were both killed.

Deaths Edit

(In chronological order)

  1. generikb (Blame the Generik Beef) was slain by Avidya (Sobriety).
  2. AnderZEL (MAN)  was slain by kurtmac (Sobriety).
  3. Nebris (MAN) was slain by kurtmac (Sobriety).
  4. Millbee (MAN) was shot by Avidya (Sobriety). -Team MAN eliminated
  5. paulsoaresjr (PEP) was slain by Pyro_0 (PIMP).
  6. Pyro_0 (PIMP) was slain by Etho (PEP).
  7. Etho (PEP) hit the ground too hard (PauseUnpause attacked him, but it was fall damage that finished him).
  8. Pakratt0013 (PEP) was slain by Docm77 (Uppercats). -Team PEP eliminated
  9. W92Baj (Guude BJ) was shot by VintageBeef (Blame the Generik Beef).
  10. BlameTC (Blame the Generik Beef) was shot by Guude (Guude BJ).
  11. Mhykol (Sobriety) blew up (Creeper).
  12. Guude (Guude BJ) was slain by Wolf (Jsano's). NOTE: He was fighting mcgamer, and accidentally hit jsano19's Wolf.
  13. jsano19 (Guude BJ) was slain by mcgamer (PIMP). -Team Guude BJ eliminated
  14. kurtmac (Sobriety) was slain by Docm77 (Uppercats).
  15. Avidya (Sobriety) was shot by BdoubleO100 (Uppercats). -Team Sobriety eliminated
  16. VintageBeef (Blame the Generik Beef) was shot by BdoubleO100 (Uppercats). -Team Blame the Generik Beef eliminated
  17. Docm77 (Uppercats) was shot by PauseUnpause (PIMP).
  18. mcgamer (PIMP) was slain by Zisteau (Uppercats).
  19. Zisteau (Uppercats) was shot by PauseUnpause (PIMP).
  20. BdoubleO100 (Uppercats) was shot by PauseUnpause (PIMP).
  21. PauseUnpause was not killed, so his team won the season.

Season 11: Twenty Person Free-For-All Edit

This season introduced eternal daytime and a new guest, Dinnerbone. This was the first single-player season where someone obtained potions (Nebris, and later, BlameTC). BdoubleO was able to find where Nebris and Pyro died, and obtained Nebris' potions. He accidentally left one healing potion behind, which was later found by Etho, making a grand total of four people who obtained potions this UHC.

Players: Edit

  1. Avidya
  2. Dinnerbone
  3. jsano19
  4. PauseUnpause
  5. Docm77
  6. generikb
  7. Shreeyamgfx
  8. W92baj
  9. VintageBeef
  10. kurtmac
  11. Pakratt0013
  12. Pyro_0
  13. Nebris
  14. Millbee
  15. AnderZEL
  16. Zisteau
  17. Guude
  18. BdoubleO100
  19. Etho
  20. BlameTC
  21. mcgamer

Deaths Edit

(In chronological order)

  1. Avidya was slain by AnderZEL
  2. Dinnerbone was slain by Docm77
  3. jsano19 left the game (jsano was having internet problems, and was unable to continue the season)
  4. PauseUnpause was slain by Enderman
  5. Docm77 was shot by Skeleton
  6. generikb was slain by Etho
  7. ShreeyamGFX was shot by Skeleton
  8. W92Baj blew up (Creeper)
  9. VintageBeef was shot by Etho
  10. kurtmac was slain by BdoubleO100
  11. mcgamer blew up (Creeper)
  12. Pakratt0013 was slain by Millbee
  13. Pyro_0 was slain by Nebris
  14. Nebris was slain by Wolf (Pyro_0's) - NOTE: Double kill between Pyro_0 and Nebris.
  15. Millbee tried to swim in lava
  16. AnderZEL was slain by Wolf (Guude's)
  17. Zisteau went up in flames (His own lava)
  18. Guude was shot by Etho
  19. BdoubleO100 was shot by Etho
  20. Etho was slain by BlameTC

BlameTC was the season winner.

Season 12: Eight Teams of Two Edit

Season 12 featured two guests: SethBling and JL2579. Many people were unable to participate, including paulsoaresjr, mcgamer, Etho, Mhykol, Nebris, and BdoubleO100. Around episode 5, the server was sped up, including "ninja creepers" that would hiss for only a millisecond, a two minute long day cycle, sprinting zombies, spiders, and Blazes, and "quick draw" skeletons. Guude restarted the server, and discussion for a Season 12b was held, using the same teams with possibly more people.

Teams: Edit

  1. Red: Redshirts (BlameTC and SethBling)
  2. Blue: NoBeef (jsano19 and VintageBeef)
  3. Green: Wolfpack (AnderZEL and Guude)
  4. Yellow: Lavatrap (Pakratt0013 and Zisteau)
  5. Purple: Brewski (PauseUnpause and Pyro_0)
  6. Gray: Mongooses (kurtmac and W92Baj)
  7. Light Gray: Germinators (Docm77 and JL2579)
  8. White: White Rush'n (AvidyaZEN and generikb)

 Deaths: Edit

  1. Pakratt0013 of Lavatrap (slain by SethBling of Redshirt)
  2. generikb of White Rush'n (blown up by Creeper)
  3. AnderZEL of Wolfpack (shot by Skeleton)
  4. Guude of Wolfpack (shot by Skeleton) -Team Wolfpack eliminated
  5. VintageBeef of NoBeef (blown up by Creeper)
  6. jsano19 of NoBeef (shot by Skeleton) -Team NoBeef eliminated
  7. AvidyaZEN of White Rush'n (blown up Creeper) -Team White Rush'n eliminated
  8. JL2579 of Germinators (slain by Blaze)
  9. Docm77 of Germinators (shot by kurtmac of Mongooses) -Team Germinators eliminated
  10. kurtmac of Mongooses (shot by Zisteau of Lavatrap)
  11. W92Baj of Mongooses (slain by Zisteau of Lavatrap) -Team Mongooses eliminated
  12. Zisteau of Lavatrap (shot by PauseUnpause of Brewskis) -Team Lavatrap eliminated
  13. PauseUnpause of Brewskis (shot by SethBling of Redshirts)
  14. Pyro_0 of Brewskis (slain by SethBling of Redshirts) -Team Brewskis eliminated

SethBling and BlameTC won the season. SethBling's role is similar to Nebris' in Season 7, while BlameTC's is reminiscent of just_defy's. A coincidence (Not for Pyro) is that he also had the same fate again (Season 7 he was killed with Baj by Nebris and was 4th place and in season 12 he was 3rd because he was killed by Sethbling. Pause could have shot Seth but when he almost shot him he realized he had to aim higher but before he could shoot he EXPLODED and Pyro tried to dig in however Seth charged).

Season 13: Five Teams of Four Edit

This season featured three guests in the form of Grumm, Dinnerbone, and OldManWillakers. Generikb was unable to attend due to the fact that he was in the middle of moving to Bulgaria.

Teams: Edit

  1. Team OldBDoubleORatBling (Cyan): OldManWillakers (Special Guest), BdoubleO100, Pakratt0013, SethBling.
  2. Team NO! (Red): Etho , Grumm (Special Guest), Pyro_0, Paulsoaresjr
  3. Team OP (Blue): AnderZEL, Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef
  4. Team BAND (Green): W92Baj, AvidyaZEN, Nebris, Docm77
  5. Team All Business (White): BlameTC, Dinnerbone (Special Guest), jsano19, mcgamer

Deaths: Edit

Episode 1Edit

  1. PakrattPakratt0013 (OldBDoubleORatBling) was slain by VintageBeef (OP)

Episode 2Edit

  1. Paulsoaresjr (NO!) was slain by AnderZEL (OP)
  2. Grumm (NO!) was slain by AnderZEL (OP)
  3. Etho (NO!) was slain by PauseUnpause (OP)

Episode 3Edit

  1. PauseUnpause (OP) was slain by Pyro_0 (NO!)
  2. AnderZEL of (OP) was slain by Pyro_0 (NO!)
  3. Pyro_0 (NO!) was slain by Guude (OP) -Team NO! eliminated
  4. VintageBeef (OP) was slain by Zombie

Episode 6Edit

  1. mcgamer (All Buisness) was slain by BdoubleO100 (OldBDoubleORatBling)
  2. Dinnerbone (All Buisness) was shot by SethBling  (OldBDoubleORatBling)

​Episode 7Edit

  1. jsano19 (All Buissness) was slain by SethBling (OldBDoubleORatBling)
  2. Nebris (BAND) was slain by SethBling (OldBDoubleORatBling)
  3. BdoubleO100 (Old-Bdbl0-Ratt-Bling) was slain by W92Baj (BAND)
  4. AvidyaZEN (BAND) was slain by OldManWillakers (OldBDoubleORatBling)
  5. W92Baj (BAND) was slain by SethBling (OldBDoubleORatBling)
  6. Docm77 (BAND) was slain by Oldmanwillakers (OldBDoubleORatBling) -Team BAND eliminated 

Episode 8Edit

  1. Guude (OP) was slain by SethBling (OldBDoubleORatBling) -Team OP eliminated 
  2. BlameTC (All Business) slain by SethBling (OldBDoubleORatBling) -Team All Business eliminated

Winner: Team OldBDoubleORatBling

Kills: Edit

Team NO!: Edit

  1. Etho: 0
  2. Paulsoaresjr: 0
  3. Grumm: 0
  4. Pyro_0: 2

Total Kills: 2 Edit

Team OldBDoubleORatBling: Edit

  1. SethBling: 6
  2. BDoubleo100: 1
  3. OldManWillakers: 2
  4. Pakratt0013: 0

Total Kills: 9

Team OP: Edit

  1. AnderZEL: 2
  2. Guude: 1
  3. PauseUnpause: 1
  4. VintageBeef: 1

Total Kills: 5

Team BAND: Edit

  1. AvidyaZEN: 0
  2. Docm77: 0
  3. Nebris: 0
  4. W92Baj: 1

Total Kills: 1

Team All Business: Edit

  1. BlameTC: 0
  2. Dinnebone: 0
  3. mcgamer: 0
  4. jsano19: 0

Total Kills: 0

Guude was the only survivor alongside with BlameTC after Team BAND was killed and Team All Business were separated, BlameTC left his teammates to be killed by Old-Bdbl0-Ratt-Bling, Jsano was killed at a village by Seth. Team Old-Bdbl0-Ratt-Bling fought All Business in the Midnight Battle of Twin Peaks.

In addition, can I just say old man willakers was absolutely hilarious in this series and I would recommend watching his videos.

Season 14: Ten Teams of Two Edit

Season 14 featured two first timers in the form of Arkas and Vechs. For this season they were using a Mumble plugin that allowed the players to hear any other players within their immediate vicinity.

Teams: Edit

  1. Parkas (Blue): (PauseUnpause, Arkas)
  2. Super-Hostile (Green): (Vechs, Zisteau)
  3. Always Never Die (Aqua): (Pakratt,  BlameTC)
  4. DocSano (Cyan): (Docm77, Jsano)
  5. 2/3 Sobriety (Orange): (Mhykol, KurtJMac)
  6. LG (White): (Nebris, MCGamer)
  7. Ol'Yeller (Yellow): (GenerikB, Baj)
  8. Ninja Turtles (Gray):  (Guude, Etho)
  9. Swedish Meatballs (Red): (Anderz, Sethbling)
  10. Boobies (Purple): (Pyro, Avidya)

Deaths: Edit

  1. Etho (Slain by Vechs)
  2. Vechs (Slain by Guude)
  3. Zisteau (Slain by Guude) Team Green Eliminated 
  4. Jsano (Shot by Pause)
  5. Pyro (Slain by AnderZEL)
  6. SethBling (Slain by AvidyaZen)
  7. AnderZEL (Slain by AvidyaZen) Team Red Eliminated 
  8. AvidyaZen (Shot by Skeleton) Team Purple Eliminated 
  9. Guude (Slain by Pause) Team Gray Eliminated 
  10. Pakratt (Slain By Generikb)
  11. Docm77 (Burned to death) Team Cyan Eliminated 
  12. Generikb (Slain by Pause)
  13. Baj (Slain by Pause) Team Ol' Yeller Eliminated 
  14. mcgamer (Slain by Pause)
  15. Nebris (Slain by Pause)Team White Eliminated
  16. kurtmac (Slain by Pause)
  17. Mhykol (Slain by Arkas) Team Orange Eliminated
  18. BlameTC (Slain by Arkas)

Blue team of Arkas and Pause win, leaving Arkas with a win in his first ever UHC. Pause had a total of 7 kills, and Arkas had 2, bringing the overall team kill total to 9, tying Old-BdblO-Ratt-Bling's total in season 13.

Season 15: Six Teams of Three Edit

This season of UHC occured shortly after its two year anniversary. There were no guests this season and the mumble plugin, which was used in Season 14, was replaced with the usual group Skype call.

The season was started after April Fools Day, when Baj made his UHC 15 prank to tease his subscribers.

Teams: Edit

  1. SEA (Red): (SethBling, Etho, Arkas)
  2. Gopher (Green): (generikb, Vechs, jsano)
  3. Dr. McBoulderfist (Orange): (Docm, Guude, mcgamer)
  4. Cheaty Hot Beef (Cyan): (VintageBeef, Nebris, Pyro)
  5. Passive Agressive (Blue): (PauseUnpause, AnderZEL, BlameTC)
  6. PakkerBaj Z (Yellow): (Zisteau, Pakratt, Baj)

Deaths: Edit

  1. Arkas (Blown up by Creeper-- The creeper jumped from above like a ninja, which caused Arkas to die from the explosion, even through he had an iron chestplate and iron pants and full health. Iron chest and pants prevent 50% of damage, however, when in direct proximity of a creeper, it deals 24 hearts. 50% of 24 is 12 hearts, causing Arkas to die.)
  2. Docm77 (Slain by VintageBeef)
  3. VintageBeef (Slain by Guude)
  4. Guude (Fell from a high place [he was hit off by Pyro])
  5. mcgamer (Slain by Pyro_0)Team Dr. McBoulderfist Eliminated
  6. Etho (Slain by PauseUnpause)
  7. PauseUnPause (Slain by SethBling)
  8. AnderZEL (Slain by SethBling)
  9. SethBling (Slain by BlameTC) Team SEA Eliminated
  10. generikb (Hit the ground too hard [while fighting Zisteau and W92Baj])
  11. W92Baj (Slain by BlameTC)
  12. Zisteau (Slain by jsano19)
  13. Pakratt0013 (Slain by Pyro_0) Team PakkerBaj Z Eliminated
  14. Jsano19 (Shot by BlameTC)
  15. Vechs (Shot by BlameTC) Team Gopher Eliminated
  16. BlameTC (Slain by Nebris) Team Passive Agressive Eliminated

This made Team Cheaty Hot Beef (Pyro, Nebris, and Vintagebeef) the winners of Season 15. Pyro and Nebris came out alive. They dedicated their win to Vintagebeef, who sadly died early on in the season.

Season 16: Eight Teams of Three Edit

This season featured three first timers to the format in the form of Aureylian, brianmcn, and oldGanon. Also Dinnerbone was present, making this his third season as a guest. In this season they were in random teams of 3 with eternal day, and SHRINKING borders! Strength II potions also joined the regeneration potion on the banned list.

Teams: Edit

  1. Team Green: (Baj, Etho, Anderz)
  2. Team Aqua: (VintageBeef, Pakratt, PauseUnpause) 
  3. Team The Bob Hoskins Experience (Blue): (BlameTC, Millbee, brianmcn)
  4. Team MC and DB, the OG (Red): (MCGamer, oldGanon, Dinnerbone)
  5. Team Parents (Gold): (Aureylian, BdoubleO, Guude)
  6. Team Pretty In Pink (Pink): (Arkas, AvidyaZEN, Vechs)
  7. Team Yellow: (SethBling, JSano, Nebris)
  8. Team Gray: (Docm77, KurtJMac, Pyro)

Deaths: Edit

  1. VintageBeef (Shot by Millbee)
  2. Millbee (Slain by PauseUnpause)
  3. BlameTC (Slain by PauseUnpause)
  4. brianmcn (Slain by PauseUnpause) Team The Bob Hoskins Experience (Blue) Eliminated
  5. Baj (Tried to swim in lava to escape KurtJMac)
  6. Anderz  (Slain by Pyro)
  7. Etho (Slain by Docm77) Team Green Eliminated
  8. KurtJMac (Burned to Death)
  9. BdoubleO (Slain by SethBling)
  10. SethBling (Slain by Guude)
  11. Aureylian (Slain by JSano)
  12. Guude (Slain by Nebris) Team Parents (Gold) Eliminated
  13. Pyro (Slain by McGamer)
  14. Docm77 (Slain by oldGanon) Team Gray Eliminated
  15. PauseUnpause (Slain by Nebris)
  16. Pakratt (Slain by JSano) Team Aqua Eliminated
  17. Nebris (Slain by Dinnerbone)
  18. jsano (Slain by mcgamer) Team Yellow Eliminated
  19. Arkas (Slain by oldGanon)
  20. Dinnerbone (Slain by Avidya)
  21. Vechs (Slain by mcgamer)
  22. Avidya (Slain by oldGanon) Team Pretty in Pink (Pink) Eliminated

oldGanon and mcgamer are the survivors, leaving Team MC and DB, the OG (Red) victorious

Season 17: Twenty Person Free-For-All Edit

Players: Edit

  1. AnderZEL
  2. Arkas
  3. Aureylian
  4. Baj
  5. BdoubleO
  6. BlameTC
  7. CaptainSparklez
  8. Coestar
  9. GenerikB
  10. Guude
  11. KurtJMac
  12. MCGamer
  13. Millbee
  14. Nebris
  15. Pakratt
  16. PauseUnpause
  17. SethBling
  18. Sevadus
  19. Vechs
  20. Vintagebeef

Deaths: Edit

  1. Millbee (blown up by Creeper)
  2. GenerikB (slain by Zombie)
  3. Sevadus (burnt to a crisp whilst fighting Blaze)
  4. CaptainSparklez (shot by Skeleton)
  5. SethBling (slain by Nebris)
  6. PauseUnpause (slain by mcgamer)
  7. Coestar (suffocated in wall of gravel while staircasing)
  8. Baj (slain by mcgamer)
  9. Pakratt (doomed to fall by AnderZel)
  10. Vechs (hit the ground too hard while riding a pig off a cliff, earning him the achievement: When Pigs Fly, a UHC first)
  11. MCGamer (shot by Arkas)
  12. Guude (slain by Arkas)
  13. Aureylian (slain by VintageBeef)
  14. AnderZEL (shot by Nebris using [Magic]) *Nebris won using a Notch Apple [72 gold] (UHC First), the Regeneration V and Resistance helped him to be at full health after AnderZEL died.
  15. Arkas (slain by KurtJMac)
  16. BdoubleO100 (shot by BlameTC)
  17. BlameTC (slain by VintageBeef after BlameTC killed BdoubleO100)
  18. KurtJMac (shot by Nebris using [Magic])
  19. VintageBeef (slain by Nebris)
  20. Nebris (winner)

This was the first time CaptainSparklez appeared on a UHC.

#ForTheKids Charity Livestream (Unofficial) (Seven Teams of Four) Edit

Special livestreamed UHC where viewers can gift the participants items by donating money to charity.

Teams: Edit

  1. Team Red: (mcgamer, kurtmac, DireDwarf, brentcopeland)
  2. Team Orange: (AnderZEL, Aureylian, CaptainSparklez, SynHD) 
  3. Team Yellow: (Guude, PauseUnpause, Coestar, AntVenom)
  4. Team Green: (Docm77, SethBling, Searge, SuperJohan2000)
  5. Team Blue: (Pakratt, Nebris, GreatScottLP, JustVan)
  6. Team Purple: (Baj, Pyro, Millbee, BlueBayou)
  7. Team Pink: (thejims, Arkas, BlameTC, sevadus)

Deaths: Edit

  1. Coestar (slain by an Enderman)
  2. Millbee (burned to death in a trap layed by Team Orange when entering the Nether)
  3. Pyro (burned to death when entering the Nether)
  4. BlueBayou (slain by SynHD)
  5. Baj (burned to death in the attempt to escape from AnderZEL) Team Purple eliminated by Team Orange
  6. JustVan (killed by Zombie he could not see due to lag)
  7. SynHD (slain by DireDwarf)
  8. mcgamer (slain by CaptainSparklez)
  9. Aureylian (slain by kurtmac)
  10. brentlcopeland (slain by AnderZEL)
  11. kurtmac (slain by CaptainSparklez)
  12. DireDwarf (slain by CaptainSparklez) Team Red eliminated by Orange
  13. SuperJohann2000 (shot by AnderZEL)
  14. Docm77 (slain by AnderZEL)
  15. SethBling (slain by CaptainSparklez)
  16. Searge (slain by AnderZEL) Team Green eliminated by Orange
  17. Nebris (doomed to fall by AnderZEL)
  18. GreatScottLP (slain by AnderZEL)
  19. Pakratt (shot by AnderZEL) Team Blue eliminated by Orange
  20. BlameTC (doomed to fall by AnderZEL)
  21. thejims (slain by AnderZEL)
  22. Arkas (slain by AnderZEL)
  23. Sevadus (slain by CaptainSparklez) Team Pink eliminated by Orange
  24. Guude (slain by CaptainSparklez)
  25. Antvenom (slain by CaptainSparklez)
  26. CaptainSparklez (slain by PauseUnpause)
  27. AnderZEL (died from throwing an enderpearl to escape PauseUnpause) Team Orange eliminated by Yellow

PauseUnpause was the only survivor. Team Yellow won.

The Witherboss, spawned at 0,0 through a $1000 donation. It was killed by PauseUnpause.

Team Orange: (AnderZEL, Aureylian, CaptainSparklez, SynHD) holds the record for the most kills in a single UHC along with the most consecutive kills. AnderZEL took the prize of getting the most kills in a UHC ever.

Oh yeah, and let us not forget that this uhc has one of the derpiest moments in minecraft history, where PauseUnpause fed his $1000 notch apple to a horse. Soon after the incident, #ForTheHorse trended in Twitter worldwide!

Season 18: Seven Teams of Three Edit

Team of 3 UHC with the first small size world: 1400 x 1400. The twist this season is that enchanting tables may not be crafted; only players who are killed in combat can drop them. Team names were decided on a fan vote on Reddit, on /r/mindcrack.

Teams: Edit

1. Team Get off my Lawn! (Green): OldGanon, Pyro_0, VintageBeef

2. The Stream Team (Red): SethBling, Sevadus, SuperMCGamer

3. Team 77 Chads of Anderz (Dark Purple): AnderZEL, Docm77, OMGchad  

4. Team Coe's Quest across the Super-Hostile Kingdom of the Sky (Aqua): Coestar, BlameTC, Vechs_

5. Team Guude's Rainbow Rats (Yellow): Pakratt0013, Guude, Aureylian  

6. Team Cutlass Supreme (Dark Blue): Jsano19, AvidyaZEN, Millbee 

7. Team PWN (Light Purple): PauseUnpause, Nebris88, W92Baj 

Deaths: Edit

1) Aureylian from Guude's Rainbow Rats (Burned to death) - Episode 2

2) Pakratt0013 from Guude's Rainbow Rats (Slain by Guude) (*Note, first time player killed teammate in a Mindcrack UHC intentionally, this was to get an enchanting table) - Episode 3

3) Docm77 from 77 Chads of Anderz (oldGanon hits him into lava) - Episode 3

4) AnderZEL from 77 Chads of Anderz (Burned to death) - Episode 3

5) mcgamer from The Stream Team (Blown up by Creeper) - Episode 3

6) OMGChad from 77 Chads of Anderz (Slain by Vechs_) 77 Chads of Anderz eliminated - Episode 4

7) Millbee from Cutlass Supreme (Slain by VintageBeef) - Episode 5

8) VintageBeef from Get off my Lawn! (Slain by jsano19) - Episode 5

9) oldGanon from Get off my Lawn! (Slain by jsano19) - Episode 5

10) Pyro_0 from Get off my Lawn! (Shot by SethBling) Get off my Lawn! eliminated - Episode 6

11) jsano19 from Cutlass Supreme (Slain by PauseUnpause) - Episode 6

12) AvidyaZEN from Cutlass Supreme (Slain by Nebris) Cutlass Supreme eliminated - Episode 6

12) Guude from Guude's Rainbow Rats (Slain by Coestar) Guude's Rainbow Rats eliminated - Episode 6

13) sevadus from The Stream Team (Slain by PauseUnpause) - Episode 7

14) SethBling from The Stream Team (Shot by Nebris) The Stream Team eliminated - Episode 7

15) W92Baj from team PWN (Tony Danza) (Fell from a high place after being shot by BlameTC) - Episode 8

16) Vechs_ from team Coe's Quest across the Super-Hostile Kingdom of the Sky (Slain by Nebris) - Episode 8

17) Coestar from team Coe's Quest across the Super-Hostile Kingdom of the Sky (Slain by Nebris) - Episode 8

18) BlameTC Coe's Quest across the Super-Hostile Kingdom of the Sky (Slain by Nebris) - Episode 8

*Coe's Quest across the Super-Hostile Kingdom of the Sky Eliminated, giving team PWN (Nebris, PauseUnpause and W92Baj) the win.

Season 19: Two Teams of Ten, Using /spreadplayers Without Respect to Team Edit

This season featured two teams of 10 and an intro that came from the 80's, made by W92Baj. It was just normal UHC, except for the fact that teams did not start together! The /spreadplayers command did not respect teams, meaning that players started out on their own. The Mumble plugin was also used.

Teams: Edit

Team Blue (Cyan): AnderZEL, AvidyaZEN, W92Baj, Guude, mcgamer, Millbee, Pakratt0013, PauseUnpause, Pyro_0, SethBling

Team Red (Not Pink): BlameTC, OMGchad, Coestar, Docm77, jsano19, kurtmac, Myhkol, Nebris, Vechs_, VintageBeef

Deaths: Edit

  1. Guude (Blue Team) was slain by Coestar (Red Team) in Episode 2
  2. OMGchad (burned to death by creeper blowing him into lava) (Red Team) in Episode 2
  3. Pyro_0 (Blue Team) hit the ground to hard (when fighting VintageBeef and kurtmac)(Red Team) in Episode 4
  4. PauseUnpause (Blue Team) was slain by VintageBeef (Red Team) in Episode 4
  5. VintageBeef (Red Team) was slain by mcgamer (Blue Team) in Episode 4
  6. kurtmac (Red Team) was slain by mcgamer (Blue Team) in Episode 4
  7. Coestar (Red Team) was slain by SethBling (Blue Team) in Episode 4
  8. jsano19 (Red Team) burned to death from a trapped portal in Episode 5
  9. Mhykol (Red Team) was shot by SethBling (Blue Team) in Episode 8
  10. Docm77 (Red Team) was shot by Millbee (Blue Team) in Episode 8
  11. Nebris (Red Team) was slain by W92Baj (Blue Team) in Episode 8
  12. W92Baj (Blue Team) was slain by Vechs_ (Red Team) in Episode 8
  13. Millbee (Blue Team) was slain by Vechs_ (Red Team) in Episode 9
  14. AvidyaZEN (Blue Team) was slain by BlameTC (Red Team) in Episode 9
  15. AnderZEL (Blue Team) was slain by Vechs_ (Red Team) in Episode 9
  16. mcgamer (Blue Team) was slain by Vechs_ (Red Team) in Episode 9
  17. SethBling (Blue Team) was shot by Pakratt0013  (First Direct Unintentional Team Kill) (Blue Team) in Episode 9
  18. Pakratt0013 (Blue Team) was slain by Vechs_ (Red Team) in Episode 9

Meetups (Different members of the same team meeting up): Edit

Episode 1

PauseUnpause and Pyro_0 (Blue Team)

AnderZEL and AvidyaZEN (Blue Team)

PauseUnpause, Pyro_0 and mcgamer (Blue Team)

Episode 2

Docm77 and Myhkol (Red Team)

VintageBeef and KurtJMac (Red team)

Nebris and BlameTC (Red Team)(hear eachother but dont find each other until Episode 3)

Episode 3

Vechs_ and jsano19 (Red Team)

Episode 4

mcgamer is alone (PauseUnpause and Pyro_0 died) (Blue Team)

AnderZEL, AvidyaZEN and Millbee (Blue Team)

Episode 5

mcgamer and SethBling (Blue Team) (and they saw somebody [Pakratt0013] from the Blue Team and followed him, but he escaped on a horse, because he heard Nebris and BlameTC nearby)

Vechs_ is alone (jsano19 died) (Red Team)

Episode 6

Vechs_ hear BlameTC and Nebris in the overworld and are trying to save Vechs_ from the nether (Red Team)

Episode 7

AnderZEL, AvidyaZEN, mcgamer, Millbee and SethBling (Blue Team)

Episode 8

AnderZEL, AvidyaZEN, mcgamer, Millbee, SethBling, and Pakratt0013 (Blue Team)

Vechs_ and BlameTC (Red Team) Nebris was with them temporarily, but was slain by W92Baj (Blue Team)


1. Lava traps at portals killed one player and caused other players to be very apprehensive about traversing portals, slowing down the game. After the game, players agreed to ban lava traps in future UHCs. (Fall traps were not banned.)

2. While health regeneration was disabled in the overworld, it was accidentally left on in the nether due to it requiring a separate setting with the bukkit plugin. AnderZEL and AvidyaZEN attempted to recreate their injuries upon returning to the overworld, but other players did not, accepting nether regeneration as part of the game. There was no discussion or consensus about this among the players in chat.

The end game took place in the nether, where all players had fully regenerating health, negating any previous damage. This led to much fan debate about the fairness of the ending.

Season 20: 5 Teams of 4, and Arkas by himself. Edit

This UHC is a throwback to Season 9, where the first team to kill the Ender Dragon or be the last team standing, wins. There are 5 teams of 4 & Arkas by himself until he runs into a team, he is then to join that team (As of Episode 6, he has joined Aqua Team (Team Left Overs)).

Teams: Edit

Red Team (Team Nancy Drew): Guude, PauseUnpause, VintageBeef, W92Baj

Blue Team (Team Potty Mouth): AnderZEL, Millbee, GenerikB, Pyro_0

Green Team (Team New People): Aureylian, OMGchad, Coestar, Sevadus

Aqua Team (Team Left Overs): SethBling, SuperMCGamer, Docm77, kurtmac

Yellow Team (Team WNtRtFOaTNFUSWDNO): BlameTC, Nebris, Pakratt0013, Vechs

White Team (The Lone Wolf): Arkas


Arkas, Docm77 and kurtmac: Episode 6

Deaths: Edit

1. SethBling (Aqua Team) was slain by Pyro_0 (Blue Team) in Episode 5

2. Pyro_0 (Blue Team) was slain by SuperMCGamer (Aqua Team) in Episode 5

3. generikb (Blue Team) was slain by kurtmac (Aqua Team) in Episode 5

4. SuperMCGamer (Aqua Team) was slain by AnderZEL (Blue Team) in Episode 5

5. Millbee (Blue Team) was slain by Docm77 (Aqua Team) in Episode 5

6. AnderZEL (Blue Team) was slain by kurtmac (Aqua Team) in Episode 5

Blue Team Eliminated in Episode 5

7.Pakratt0013 (Yellow Team) was slain by VintageBeef (Red Team) in Episode 7

8. Arkas (White Team) was slain by VintageBeef (Red Team) in Episode 8

9. Coestar (Green Team) was slain by kurtmac (Aqua Team) in Episode 8

10. OMGChad (Green Team) was slain by kurtmac (Aqua Team) in Episode 8

11. Docm77 (Aqua Team) was slain by Aureylian (Green Team) in Episode 8

12. Aureylian (Green Team) was slain by kurtmac (Aqua Team) in Episode 8

13. kurtmac (Aqua Team) was slain by Sevadus (Green Team) in Episode 8

Aqua Team Eliminated

14. Sevadus (Green Team) was slain by Vechs (Yellow Team) in Episode 8

Green Team Eliminated

15. W92Baj (Red Team) was shot by Nebris (Yellow Team) in Episode 8

16. Ender Dragon was slain (yes, with a sword) by Nebris (Yellow Team) in Episode 8

Yellow team wins, having killed the Ender Dragon

Season 21: Individual, team with first person they see. Edit

This season, each player is alone and must team up with the first person they see. The Dungeon limit is upped by 13 times. This time the UHC featured a seed, which happened to be partner, with a never before seen biome, Ice Spikes.

Players: Edit

  1. AnderZEL (Blue)
  2. Arkas (Purple)
  3. Aureylian (Aqua)
  4. AvidyaZEN (Dark Blue)
  5. BlameTC (Black)
  6. Docm77 (Green)
  7. Guude (Green)
  8. JSano19 (Dark Blue)
  9. Nebris (Red)
  10. OMGchad (Blue)
  11. Pakratt0013 (Never found teammate)
  12. PauseUnpause (Aqua)
  13. Pyro_0 (Never found teammate)
  14. SethBling (Black)
  15. Vechs (Red)
  16. VintageBeef (Never found teammate)
  17. W92Baj (Purple)

Teams:  Edit

Redshirt (Black): SethBling and BlameTC

Dyslexic (Blue): OMGchad and AnderZEL

Chill (Dark Blue): JSano19 and AvidyaZEN

Breadcrumbs (Red): Vechs and Nebris

Duude (Dark Green): Docm77 and Guude

Grylls (Dark Purple): Arkas and W92Baj

Girl Scouts (Aqua): Aureylian and PauseUnpause

No Team (White): Pakratt0013, VintageBeef and Pyro_0

Meetups: Edit

Episode 1:

SethBling and BlameTC (Black Team)

Nebris and Vechs (Red Team)

PauseUnpause and Aureylian (Aqua Team)

Arkas and W92Baj (Purple Team)

Episode 2:

JSano19 and AvidyaZEN (Dark Blue Team)

Episode 3:

Guude and Docm77 (Green Team)

OMGchad and AnderZEL (Blue Team)

Deaths: Edit

Episode 3:

  1. Docm77 (Green) was slain by OMGchad (Blue)
  2. Guude (Green) was slain by OMGchad (Blue)

Episode 7:

  1. Aureylian (Aqua) fell from a high place (while fighting OMGchad (Blue))
  2. Pyro_0 (No Team) was shot by W92baj (Purple)
  3. AvidyaZEN (Dark Blue) was slain by VintageBeef (No Team)
  4. VintageBeef fell from a high place (while fighting Jsano19 (Dark Blue))
  5. JSano19 (Dark Blue) was shot by BlameTC (Black)
  6. PauseUnpause (Aqua) was slain by AnderZEL (Blue)
  7. AnderZEL (Blue) was shot by SethBling (Black)
  8. BlameTC (Black) burned to death whilst fighting OMGchad (Blue)
  9. SethBling (Black) was shot by OMGchad (Blue)

Episode 8:

  1. OMGchad (Blue) was shot by Vechs (Red)
  2. Arkas (Purple) was shot by Vechs (Red)
  3. W92baj (Purple) was shot by Vechs (Red)
  4. Vechs (Red) was burnt to a crisp whilst fighting Pakratt0013 (No Team)
  5. Pakratt0013 (No Team) was shot by Nebris (Red)
  6. Nebris (Red) was slain by Pakratt0013's Wolf (No team)

Red (Nebris and Vechs) wins UHC Season 21, though many have joked about Pakratt's wolf winning.

Season 22: Teams of 3 with one team of 2 Edit

This season is in Minecraft v1.2.5, a throwback to the version the first ever official UHC was played in. No other effects on this, no other motives, just be the last team standing! With special guests wyld and Bacon_Donut.

Teams: Edit

OSHA: Guude, W92Baj, and Shreeyam

DNA2: AnderZEL, Docm77, and AvidyaZEN

Kelley Blue Book: BlameTC, VintageBeef, and KurtJMac

Survivor: JSano19 and SuperMCGamer

Atlas: Sevadus, Aureylian, and Nebris

Sechsy Chad: Vechs, SethBling, and OMGChad

Burnin' Miners: Mhykol, Pakratt0013, and Pyropuncher

N3rdish: wyld, PauseUnpause, and Bacon_Donut

Deaths: Edit

Episode 7:

1. Bacon_Donut (N3rdish) was slain by Wolf

2. wyld (N3rdish) was slain by Shreeyam (OSHA)

3. PauseUnpause (N3rdish) was slain by Shreeyam (OSHA) (He had bad internet connection, so he asked for Shreeyam to kill him because he had to leave)

N3rdish Eliminated

4. VintageBeef (Kelley Blue Book) was slain by Cave Spider

Episode 8:

5. Docm77 (DNA2) was slain by Pyro_0 (Burnin' Miners)

6. Pyro_0 (Burnin' Miners) was slain by AvidyaZEN (DNA2)

7. AvidyaZEN (DNA2) was shot by Pakratt0013 (Burnin' Miners)

8. Pakratt0013 (Burnin' Miners) was shot by Vechs (Sechsy Chad)

9. Mhykol (Burnin' Miners) was shot by SethBling (Sechsy Chad)

Burnin' Miners Eliminated

10. BlameTC (Kelley Blue Book) was shot by Sevadus (Atlas)

11. JSano19 (Survivor) was slain by SuperMCGamer (Survivor)

12. AnderZEL (DNA2) blew up

DNA2 Eliminated

13. kurtmac (Kelley Blue Book) was shot by Nebris (Atlas)

Kelley Blue Book Eliminated

14. SuperMCGamer (Survivor) was shot by Nebris (Atlas)

Survivor Eliminated

Episode 9:

15. Sevadus (Atlas) was slain by Vechs (Sechsy Chad)

16. Aureylian (Atlas) was slain by Vechs (Sechsy Chad)

17. Nebris (Atlas) was shot by SethBling (Sechsy Chad)

Atlas Eliminated

Episode 10:

18. Shreeyam (OSHA) was slain by Wolf

19. Guude (OSHA) was slain by OMGchad (Sechsy Chad)

20. W92Baj (OSHA) was slain by SethBling (Sechsy Chad)

OSHA Eliminated

Team Sechsy Chad (Sethbling, Vechs, OMGchad) wins

Season 23: Teams of 3, 1.9 Edit

At first this season is pretty messed up with a world border glitch upon returning from nether and suffered world border damage the real Season 23 is played in 1.9.2, with 6 teams of 3. There is a shrinking world border, and Seth does not screw anything up this time!

Teams: Edit

Maximum Damage: Docm77, SethBling and Pakratt0013

Geoguessr: JSano19, Nebris and W92Baj

Peasant Master: Sevadus, AnderZEL and Pyro_0

Pile of Soup: Arkas, adlingtont and kurtmac

The Goodest: Lorgon111, OMGchad, and VintageBeef

Parents 2.0: Guude, PauseUnpause, and Aureylian

Deaths: Edit

Episode 2:

1. Nebris (Geoguessr) was blown up by Creeper

Episode 4:

2. AnderZEL (Peasant Master) was blown up by Creeper

3. Aureylian (Parents 2.0) was shot by VintageBeef (The Goodest)

Episode 5:

4. adlingtont (Pile of Soup) was shot by SethBling (Maximum Damage)

5. kurtmac (Pile of Soup) was shot by Docm77 (Maximum Damage)

6. Pakratt0013 (Maximum Damage) was shot by OMGchad (The Goodest)

7. SethBling (Maximum Damage) was shot by Lorgon111 (The Goodest)

8. Lorgon111 (The Goodest) was slain by Docm77 (Maximum Damage)

9. Docm77 (Maximum Damage) was slain by OMGchad (The Goodest)

Maximum Damage eliminated

10. Pyro_0 (Peasant Master) tried to swim in lava to escape VintageBeef (The Goodest)

11. Sevadus (Peasant Master) was slain by OMGchad (The Goodest)

Peasant Master eliminated

12. JSano19 (Geoguessr) was shot by Guude (Parents 2.0)

13. PauseUnpause (Parents 2.0) was slain by W92Baj (Geoguessr)

14. W92Baj (Geoguessr) fell from a high place

Geoguessr eliminated

Episode 6:

15. Arkas (Pile of Soup) was slain by Guude (Parents 2.0)

Pile of Soup eliminated

16. Guude (Parents 2.0) was shot by OMGchad (The Goodest)

Parents 2.0 eliminated

The Goodest (OMGchad, VintageBeef, Lorgon111) wins Season 23

Season 24: Teams of 3, 1.9 Edit

This season features a shrinking border, Caver's Delight preset and amplified world generation! Dungeon generation have been amplified drastically. This season features guest DireDwarf.

Teams: Edit

Red: Guude, OMGChad, AnderZEL

Blue: VintageBeef, Nebris, adlingtont

Lime: PauseUnpause, Pakratt0013, Mhykol

Cyan: kurtmac, Pyrao, DireDwarf

Gold: Arkas, Docm77, SethBling

Deaths: Edit

Episode 2:

1. Pakratt0013 (Lime) was blown up by Creeper.

Episode 4:

2. PauseUnpause (Lime) was shot by Skeleton.

Episode 5:

3. Mhykol (Lime) was slain by Zombie.

Lime team eliminated

Episode 7:

4. Guude (Red) was slain by Pyrao (Cyan).

5. Kurtmac (Cyan) was slain by AnderZEL (Red).

6. OMGChad (Red) was slain by Pyrao (Cyan).

7. Pyrao (Cyan) was slain by AnderZEL (Red).

8. DireDwarf (Cyan) was slain by AnderZEL (Red).

Cyan team eliminated

9. Docm77 (Gold) was shot by Nebris (Blue).

10. Sethbling (Gold) was shot by VintageBeef (Blue).

11. VintageBeef (Blue) was shot by Arkas (Gold).

12. AnderZEL (Red) tried to swim in lava (placed in a fight with adlingtont).

Red team eliminated

13. Arkas (Gold) was blown up by Creeper.

Gold team eliminated

Team Blue (VintageBeef, Nebris, adlingtont) wins Season 24.

Season 25: 3 Teams of 5, 1.9 Edit

This UHC is another throwback to Season 9, where the first team to kill the Ender Dragon wins. In this season, the only way to win is to kill the Ender Dragon; being the last team standing isn't enough, and if the Ender Dragon outlives all three teams, she wins. In this season everybody is forced to have auto-jump enabled, even if they don't want to.

This season features guest Pommes_Peter.

Teams: Edit

[B] Blue: AnderZEL, Arkas, Pyro_0, VintageBeef, W92Baj

[G] Green: DireDwarf, Guude, Pakratt0013, PauseUnpause, SuperMCGamer

[R] Red: Docm77, Jsano19, OMGchad, Pommes_Peter, SethBling

Deaths: Edit

[R] JSano19: Shot by Skeleton

[G] Pakratt0013: Burn to a crisp whilst fighting Blaze

[G] SuperMCGamer: Hit the ground too hard

[G] Guude: Shot by OMGChad

[G] DireDwarf: Slain by SethBling

[B] Arkas: Burn to a crisp whilst fighting Pommes_Peter

[B] W92Baj: Slain by Pommes_Peter

[R] SethBling: Slain by AnderZEL

[R] Docm77: Slain by Pyro_0

[B] VintageBeef: Slain by Pommes_Peter

[B] Pyro_0: Shot by OMGChad

[B] AnderZEL: Burn to a crisp whilst fighting Pommes_Peter

  • Blue Team Eliminated

[R] Pommes_Peter: Shot by PauseUnpause

[R] OMGChad: Slain by PauseUnpause

  • Red Team Eliminated

[G] PauseUnpause: Slain by Enderman

  • Green Team Eliminated
  • Winner: The Ender Dragon

Season 26: 9 Teams of 2, 1.10 Edit

This season is available on Twitch VOD only; not on Youtube. Other than that, it is a standard UHC, and the last team standing wins. The world border has a radius of 800 blocks and will shrink down to one block over three hours (one block every 13.5 seconds), regeneration potions are banned, but Strength II potions are NOT banned (anymore). Command blocks were used to ensure that anyone who died would automatically be set to spectator mode.

Teams: Edit

Dark Blue: Coestar, Kurtmac

Cyan: AnderZEL, Zisteau

Green: Guude, SethBling

Grey: JSano19, W92Baj

Orange: Mhykol, Nebris

Magenta: Arkas, Pakratt0013

Purple: PauseUnpause, VintageBeef

Red: OMGchad, Sevadus

Yellow: Millbee, Pyro_0

Deaths: Edit

Millbee: Slain by Nebris

Pyro_0: Shot by Nebris

  • Team Yellow Eliminated

W92Baj: Slain by Skeleton (Wither)

JSano19: Fireballed by Blaze

  • Grey Team Eliminated

AnderZEL: Shot by Mhykol

Zisteau: Shot by Mhykol

  • Cyan Team Eliminated

Nebris: Slain by SethBling

Mhykol: Slain by Sethbling

  • Orange Team Eliminated

Pakratt0013: Slain by VintageBeef

VintageBeef: Slain by Arkas

PauseUnpause: Slain by Arkas

  • Purple Team Eliminated

OMGChad: Shot by Guude

Sevadus: Shot by SethBling

  • Red Team Eliminated

Coestar: Shot by Guude

kurtmac: Slain by SethBling

  • Dark Blue Team Eliminated

SethBling: Slain by Arkas

Guude: Shot by Arkas

  • Green Team Eliminated
  • Winners: Magneta Team - Arkas, Pakratt0013

Season 27: 11 Person Free-For-All Edit

In this season, everyone is disguised as Dinnerbone, so you cannot see who each player is.

Players: Edit

  • AnderZEL
  • Arkas
  • Docm77
  • Guude
  • JSano19
  • Pakratt0013
  • Pyro_0
  • Sevadus
  • Vechs
  • VintageBeef
  • W92Baj

Deaths: Edit

  • Arkas was blown up by Creeper (Episode 2)
  • VintageBeef was slain by Spider (Episode 3)
  • Docm77 was blown up by Creeper (Episode 4)
  • JSano19 was slain by Pakratt0013 (Episode 5)
  • Vechs was slain by Pyro_0 (Episode 6)
  • Pyro_0 was slain by Pakratt0013 (Episode 6)
  • AnderZEL was slain by Pakratt0013 (Episode 6)
  • Sevadus was shot by Guude (Episode 7)
  • W92Baj was slain by Guude (Episode 7)
  • Pakratt0013 was slain by Guude (Episode 7)
    • Winner: Guude

Season 28: Seven teams of two Edit

In this season, everyone is disguised as Guude, so you cannot see who each player is. There were two special guests: ragou42 and HCJustin.

Players: Edit

  • Team 1: AnderZEL & W92Baj
  • Team 2: OMGChad & Pyro_0
  • Team 3: Docm77 & ragou42
  • Team 4: DireDwarf & pakratt0013
  • Team 5: Guude & jsano19
  • Team 6: PauseUnpause & HCJustin
  • Team 7: Arkas & Nebris

Deaths: Edit

  • OMGChad was blown up by Creeper (Episode 4)
  • ragou42 suffocated in a wall (Episode 4)
  • Docm77 suffocated in a wall (Episode 4)
    • Team 3 eliminated
  • Pyro_0 was slain by Arkas (Episode 6)
    • Team 2 eliminated
  • Arkas was shot by DireDwarf (Episode 6)
  • DireDwarf was slain by AnderZEL (Episode 6)
  • pakratt0013 was shot by W92Baj (Episode 6)
    • Team 4 eliminated
  • PauseUnpause suffocated in a wall (Episode 6)
  • HCJustin suffocated in a wall (Episode 6)
    • Team 6 eliminated
  • Guude was blown up by Creeper (Episode 6)
  • Nebris was slain by Wolf (Episode 6)
    • Team 7 eliminated
  • JSano19 was shot by W92Baj
    • "Team 5 eliminated"

Winners: AnderZEL (his first UHC victory!) and W92Baj