Beef, Beefy, Beeforooni, Dan





VintageBeef  or " Dan", his personal name, first joined the Mindcrack server on May 11, 2011, when Guude gave him the IP address after his submission. His first season consisted of 66 episodes. VintageBeef's second season started on September 15, 2011, after the Mindcrack server was rebooted when Minecraft update to enter its Beta stage.


Other than being a butcher prior to his Youtube career, Beef has not revealed too much of his personal life. One of the very rare traits he has revealed is that he has a beard and of Portuguese descent. Mindcrackers joke about his legs because during a podcast, they had only seen the upper half of Beef's body. He currently lives in Toronto, Canada. His best friends are PauseUnpause and Etho, which he met in Season 2 of his Mindcrack series. All are members of "Team Canada," and he and PauseUnpause are members of "Team Nancy Drew."

His main skin is a butcher, with the occasional variant.

Trivia Edit

- Vintagebeef has never broken any bones

- Vintagebeef has a dog named Bubba

- Vintagebeef completed the Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014