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Zisteau is a humble pigman with a sign and some pants. Regarded as one of the best Super Hostile players on YouTube, Zisteau regularly plays on the Mindcrack server and produces videos of his own. Z was added to the Mindcrack server in Season 3 (2012) by Guude, after meeting him in Race for the Wool 2.

Zisteau began his YouTube career in 2011 with let's play's of the original "Survival Island" and "Sea of Flame" maps. These were never completed due to a hard drive crash, but were revived during his single-player let's play in 2015.


1. Survival Island (2011)

2. Sea of Flame (2011)

3. Kaizo Caverns (2011)

3. Life on Bogota (2011-2012)

4. The Infernal Sky (2011)

5. Legendary (2011-2012)

6. Race for Wool 2 (2011)

7. Mindcrack Season 3 (2012-2013)

8. Feed the Beast (2012-2013)

9. Inferno Mines (2013)

10. Mindcrack Season 4 (2013-2014)

11. World Border (2014)

12. SkyGrid (2014)

13. Captive Minecraft 2 (2014)

14. Mindcrack Season 5 (2014)

15. Captive Minecraft 3 (2014)

16. Zisteau Plays Minecraft (2015- )

17. Minecraft Pantheon (2015- )

Life on Bogota Edit

Featured users DogDoc, Nimmrod, and Stickicide21

The Infernal Sky Edit

Featured MyselfOverwhelmed

Race for Wool 2 Edit

This was the first series Zisteau played with several Mindcrack players, including Guude, Docm77, mcgamer, Etho, BdoubleO100, AvidyaZEN, Coestar, and PauseUnpause.

Mindcrack season 4Edit

Zisteau has been said to revolutionize pranks on the server with size and creativity. there are two Zisteaus on the Mindcrack server, one born by getting whitelisted, and his doppelganger named by GenerikB. Zisteau was very ambitious, his starter house had bunch of farms and was massive, obviously expensive. Zisteau does speedruns and montages using Zedcamera, his other account.


"Lava bucket hoooo!"

"Welcome Beckaa To The Miindcreckka"



"Cow-carcass boats" and "Ghast saddles"


"Jumpy Jumpy Jumpy Jump"

Armor Edit

Zisteau favors a simple pair of leather or gold leggings, dubbed "man pants" or "man pance" depending on the series.

Weapons Edit

Lava Bucket Edit

Zisteau always keeps a lava bucket on hand, in both regular play, and in PVP events like Ultra Hardcore. Although he enjoys using these, he is often unsuccessful. In both UHC 11 and UHC 14, Zisteau died as a direct result of his own lava.

Battle Sign Edit

Another popular feature of Zisteau's earlier videos was his "battle sign," a plain wooden sign used in place of a weapon. The sign first appeared in his 2011 "Survival Island" series.